Goers and Senders

June 8, 2019

When Christians think of mission, they traditionally begin with Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 28 to go into the world and make disciples.  It’s often referred to as the Great Commission, and we in the Church have taken it seriously.

Fast forward to East European Missions Network (EEMN).  Simply put, that’s why EEMN exists…because of Jesus’ Great Commission.  And that’s why our team will embark on a short-term mission this coming Wednesday, June 12, via planes, cars, and vans, all the way from our various homes in the U.S. and Latvia, through Europe, and into Tirana, the capitol city of Albania.  From there, we will travel several hours northeast, to the town of Peshkopi (pic above) in the beautiful Drin River valley nestled under mountains, where we will spend two weeks with our hosts, Pastor Ermal Lushi and his wife, Sarah, and Dan and Dawn Hall, the American missionaries.  We will make Christ known there by our friendships and relationship-building, and as we teach English to middle and high school students using the story of Moses.  And if you want to dig a little deeper, you will notice that the good news of Jesus came to this beautiful region a long time ago – see Romans 15:19 and 2 Timothy 4:10.  Illyricum and Dalmatia can be generally viewed a synonyms for the region of Albania.

Those of us on the Albania Team are “Goers.”  We will be part of the amazing global mission work that the Church has engaged in since the beginning (see the NT book of Acts).  That said, we could never be “Goers” without the vital partnership of our “Senders” – family, friends, congregational members, and others, who pray for us and help to financially support this effort.  “Senders” are as important to making Christ known as “Goers” are.  As one touch-point to illustrate this idea, see Acts 13:1-5.  Please take a moment to read these simple yet amazing words.  The Holy Spirit was involved.  “Senders” were involved.  Prayer and encouragement were involved.  That’s what our “Senders” are doing!  Thanks be to God…and to them!

Stay tuned for daily blogs while we are in mission.

Phil Lee, on behalf of the EEMN Albania Team

Team Leaders

Pr. Phil & Carolyn Lee are the EEMN Albania Team Leaders. After serving as team members in 2017 they grew a true affinity for the people and for the stunning land of Albania. After faithfully serving Deny Park Lutheran in Seattle, Pr. Phil & Carolyn now spend much of their time serving in Arizona at Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat Center for pastors, spouses, and ministry leaders in need of emotional and spiritual support.