Trust…it’s just so simple, right?

June 19, 2019

Yesterday, Tuesday, we heard about Moses’ mother placing her child in a basket and setting him afloat in the Nile River in life-saving effort.  It was an act of trust, and it worked!  But, it cost her.  Moses would not be her son to raise, but instead, he would become a child of Egypt.  Trust has consequences!  But, God was involved, so the consequences took an unexpected turn.

Today, Wednesday, we added to the story of Moses, learning that even after he killed another man, God chose to use him to accomplish God’s purposes in setting the Israelites free from slavery in Egypt.  God called Moses to action through a burning bush.  And even though Moses was reluctant to trust God, God sent help to Moses by way of his brother, Aaron, and a unique staff that would serve as a tool of God’s power.

Trust…it’s just so simple, right?  Hold on!  There are consequences!  Like Moses, we often find ourselves reluctant to do what God calls us to do, hesitant to follow in faith, and feeling inadequate to the job before us.  That’s the truth of the matter.  Yet, God is present, guiding us and providing daily strength for His people.

We are bringing an important story to the children of Albania.  It truly is a divine drama!  And, they are hearing it…open ears, open hearts, and having a lot of fun along the way. 


Team Leaders

Pr. Phil & Carolyn Lee are the EEMN Albania Team Leaders. After serving as team members in 2017 they grew a true affinity for the people and for the stunning land of Albania. After faithfully serving Deny Park Lutheran in Seattle, Pr. Phil & Carolyn now spend much of their time serving in Arizona at Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat Center for pastors, spouses, and ministry leaders in need of emotional and spiritual support.