Travel Update

June 21, 2019

Perhaps I was a bit too cavalier in my previous blog post. It was almost as if the baggage-handling-forces-that-be read about my luggage post and decided to have some fun. A flight delay turned into a missed connection for the overseas hop which led to our checked bags being lost. At least temporarily. Bleared-eyed from way too many hours of travel, I filled out the claim forms for the missed luggage (which contains all the camp materials and some personal items) and prayed. Today after arriving in Saldus just before 03:00 and getting a few hours of sleep. We now have news that our luggage will be arriving Saturday. We hope. 

In spite of jet lag and a few logistical snafus we are none the worse for the wear. 

Please pray for us as we:

-Prepare for day one of our Teen Camp Tuesday
-Recover from jet lag
-Anticipate the speedy arrival of our luggage Saturday.


Team Leaders

​Mark and Julia Wilhelm have been married for 28 years and have two children. Julia is the Worship Director at Spirit ofJoy Church where Mark serves as Pastor. ​​