It’s a Wrap!

June 29, 2019

Two English Languages camps done! It was amazing! Great kids…wonderful local hosts…a fantastic ministry team from Alpha Omega Church here in Peshkopi…a gorgeous country…and a special team from Latvia and America. It was truly international, multi-lingual, and cross-cultural, and we are grateful to have been part of it once again.

To our Senders – Thank You! To all interested in this growing ministry in Peshkopi, continue to pray. It is growing, thanks be to God, but there are many challenges to deal with. Pray for Pastor Ermal and Sarah Lushi. Pray for the Interns, Endrit, and Denis and Ela. Pray for the American missionaries, Dan and Dawn Hall, and their children Isaac and Elizabeth. Pray for Alpha Omega Church. Pray for the people of Peshkopi. The Gospel of Jesus has taken root in this place! It’s a wrap!


Team Leaders

Pr. Phil & Carolyn Lee are the EEMN Albania Team Leaders. After serving as team members in 2017 they grew a true affinity for the people and for the stunning land of Albania. After faithfully serving Deny Park Lutheran in Seattle, Pr. Phil & Carolyn now spend much of their time serving in Arizona at Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat Center for pastors, spouses, and ministry leaders in need of emotional and spiritual support.