Trust and Obey…

June 29, 2019

Yesterday, Tuesday, we continued the story of Moses, exploring the concepts of trust and failure/sin.  These are big thoughts that we try to break down into smaller “bites” so the kids can understand.  They are getting it.

Today, Wednesday, the story continued with the Burning Bush and Moses’ powerful staff.  These experiences are a bit more complicated, but the students are wrestling with it and the notions of trust, mistakes and sin, and God’s presence and power are taking root.  All of this is supplemented by some great music, led by our intrepid Latvian musician, Arta.  She’s great, and the kids love to sing loud!  The Albanian interns are great, too, and they help to lead some very creative games, sports, and crafts.  A more fun and caring group you cannot find!

In the afternoons and evenings, we’re enjoying a variety of excursions and team dinners.  These have been two jam-packed weeks, and we only have a few days left.  Amazing!  As you can see from my pic below, there are moments when we find ourselves in confusion, reflection, or some kind of funk.  They are few and far between, thankfully, but we ask our Senders to pray for our daily strength and health, and that we would be effective ambassadors for Christ.  


Team Leaders

Pr. Phil & Carolyn Lee are the EEMN Albania Team Leaders. After serving as team members in 2017 they grew a true affinity for the people and for the stunning land of Albania. After faithfully serving Deny Park Lutheran in Seattle, Pr. Phil & Carolyn now spend much of their time serving in Arizona at Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat Center for pastors, spouses, and ministry leaders in need of emotional and spiritual support.