Safe (though not uninteresting) Arrivals!

July 4, 2019

We are all safely arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia! Team members, luggage, good attitudes, and eye bags are all collected together here in the capital city (any photos from today will be taken at a distance!). We had a little adventure with a missed flight, a later flight, and wild midnight taxi ride, but mission trips aren’t mission trips without a few stories to tell.

It is almost 7:30am, and the team will be meeting for breakfast soon, after which we will spend the morning in orientation to Slovakia, the English Bible camps, and each other. Then we’ll spend a few hours walking around town and getting dinner before taking an early night in preparation for our travel to Vranov tomorrow.

More blog posts to come!

Erika, on behalf of the SEBC team

Amanda, Bob W, Bob H, new Slovak friend Monika, Dan, Vic, and Crystal enjoying some Slovak food for dinner
Phil, Erika, Andreas, Timmy, and Chuck toasting at dinner with water, Coke, and Kofola (a Czech cola).
A sampler of traditional Slovak food…pirohy (more commonly called pierogis in the US), halusky (made with bryndza, a sheep cheese), and dumplings with cabbage. All 3 dishes are made from potato and are extremely filling and delicious!

Team Leaders

PHIL SCHMIDT & ERIKA MECHSNER are sibling team leaders. When they aren’t leading short-term trips to Slovakia, Phil is a high school English teacher in California and Erika ​is an English teacher in Nevada.