The Team is All Here!

July 29, 2019

Mott & Pam, Patrick, Anna, Angela, Kathy, Andrew, Dennis, David, and DMC at the Estonia Parliament Building reception hall (Bob & Patti were leading the Soul Guards seminar during the time of the Parliament tour).

The entire EEMN Estonia Team is all together in Tallinn! Pr. Bob & Patti and Pr. David & Angela arrived on Friday, while Mot & Pam, Andrew, Patrick, and Anna arrived on Sunday afternoon. Pr. Dennis and Pr. Kathy, and Pr. David Michael (DMC) arrived on Monday afternoon. The great news is that everyone’s baggage arrived, too!

On Saturday evening, Pr. David preached at Nomme Church and Pr. Bob preached at the sister congregation, Nomme-Rahu on Sunday morning. After the first group of team members arrived on Sunday, we all took a walking tour of the historic town of Tallinn, where many of the original buildings date back to the 12th century, including the Estonia Lutheran Church Hostel where the team is staying the first couple of nights!

The team was understandably tired after more than 22 hours of travel and over 30 hours from their pillows in America to their pillows in Estonia. Patrick and Andrew seemed to really enjoyed their naps!

Pr. Bob and Patti began their adult Soul Guards education seminar (similar in concept to Stephen Ministry), in Nomme-Rahu, on Monday afternoon.

After the remaining three team members arrived, we were invited to take a private and exclusive tour of the Estonia Parliament Building. A long-time friend of EEMN, Eva-Liisa now works at the parliament building and was able to arrange for our entry and then guided us on the fascinating tour of the parliament building. This was the site of the landmark legislation that declared Estonia’s succession for the former Soviet Union and moved this incredible country into an entirely new era of independence and prosperity. 

The team also enjoyed being able to sample some of the local cuisine and Andrew tried a cappuccino for the very first time (pinky raised and all!). His verdict? “Tastes like coffee.” 🙂

We are bonding well as a team and look forward to finish preparing for the camps that lay ahead, as well as our transition to the Saaremma Island village of Kuressaare, on Tuesday! Thank you for your continued prayers. Specifically, we desire prayer for the team jet-lag to subside soon and that the Lord would prepare hearts and minds to receive the grace, love, and mercy of the Gospel in Jesus Christ. Amen!

Team Leaders
Pr. David & Angela Breidenbach are the Executive Director and Director of Development & Operations for East European Missions Network (EEMN).

Pr. Bob & Patti Nordvall are co- team leaders for the Estonia team. Bob has been leading teams since 2006. They were married in 2016 and live on a small ranch. They enjoy traveling and sharing about missions in Central & East Europe. Bob is on staff with EEMN as Nat’l Field Coordinator.