Missions in 2020

June 26, 2020


Earlier this year it was announced that the 2020 SON mission trips are postponed until 2021. This is still the case and, while overseas team travel may not be possible, all of the SON teams continue to meet, train, an prepare for mission. They are working in response to our overseas ministry partners’ desire to collaborate in serving their overseas communities and in sharing the Gospel with Spiritual Orphans in 2020! Of course, the teams plan to also serve in 2021 and they invite YOU to consider joining a SON mission team and serve in 2021!

Yospivka, Ukraine – 2018

For 2020
, the SON Ukraine team is helping to establish the brand new sanctuary and community outreach building in Novogradovka! 

New multi-purpose church building at Novogradovka, Ukraine

The new building will be dedicated on June 21st and the SON Ukraine team will help lead the first Bible camp in the new building, beginning June 23rd! 

The five day camp will host 30+ children and youth who will be able to interact with the SON team during each of two, daily Bible lessons that our team members will present, via live internet.

(Editor’s Note and Update: Since the writing of this article, we have learned that, on 23 June, the Ukrainian government forbade all children’s camps, throughout Ukraine, due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are now, re-retooling, with Pr. Aleksandr Gross, to determine how best to still bless and strengthen the spiritual lives of the children who would have benefitted from the Bible camps at Novogradovka. Please, add this new challenge to your personal prayers.)

In 2021, the team is preparing to host two large English Bible Camps in the public schools at Novogradovka and Petrodolina, Ukraine! 

Peshkopi, Albania – 2015


For 2020 the SON Albania team is developing a plan to educate and engage North American believers in the struggles and acute needs of under resourced villages near the town of Peshkopi. 

There is also a huge need for the hearing of the Gospel in this mostly culturally Muslim country. The desire to learn about the Lord is high and so a plan is in place to disciple and train an indigenous team of missionaries to begin to engage, reclaim and transform lives in this former center of Christian life and ministry (biblical Illyricum)! 

In 2021, the team is preparing to host an English Bible Camp and a possible retreat for teenagers in the town of Peshkopi, Albania! 

Tartu, Estonia – 2019


For 2020, both, our Slovakia and Estonia ministry partners desire SON mission teams still host 2020 retreats for their teenage participants! 

Only, this summer, they will be virtual, online retreats that will be “live” and interactive. We are so grateful for the advent of technology that will allow us to still “host” SON Life Retreats for the teens! 

While the schedule details are still being finalized for Estonia, the SON Slovakia team is preparing for a 3-day evening retreat that begins on Wednesday, July 15, at 7:00 pm (Slovakia time) and will end with a Saturday morning wrap up session. 

Each 3-hour evening session will feature a large group opening and presentation that is followed by smaller, breakout groups for discussion and going “deeper” into the biblical texts and subject matter. Afterward, we’ll come back together for a large group debrief, faith testimony, and worship! We are so very excited by this opportunity!

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