SON Live Streaming Event – AUG 27th!

August 3, 2020

As we find ourselves in this extraordinary time in life and ministry, Christians everywhere are seeking ways that we can still make a Kingdom impact in our own communities and in the lives of pre-Christians across the globe. This is why SON Network is inviting you and those you love to join us for an evening of inspiration, worship, learning, great music, and an invitation to BE THE GENERATION of Faith!

This 90 minute program will feature Keynote Speakers: Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba – NALC Assistant to the Bishop for Global Missions; and Pastor Greg Finke – Executive Director of Dwelling 1:14 and author of Joining Jesus on His Mission. They will also be joined by Christian musicians, Tom Crow and friends; testimonies from overseas ministry parters, along with a personal invitation from the Executive Director of SON Network, Pastor David Breidenbach to BE THE GENERATION of Faith.

Families, Youth Groups, Bible Study Groups, and Church Leaders are all encouraged to tune in and receive messages of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to join our the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in His mission!



8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm Pacific

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This 90 minute program will also be recorded for later viewing on our Spiritual Orphans Network Facebook page.

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