Week 1 English Language Camp Has Begun

July 18, 2022

English Language Camp began today at Alpha Omega Church in Peshkopi. Teachers are teaching, sportsters are leading games, crafters are crafting, and the music is great – all made possible with the aid of our amazing Albanian ministry partners as translators. As always happens, not everything has gone according to plan, so we have used Plans B, C, D, and E at various times along the way. One of the little ones even “crashed” during dinner last night – jet lag finally caught up!

I’m sure the employment of Plans B-E will continue through this week and into next, which makes things all the more interesting and challenging. The point is to make Christ known by our words and actions, and we are committed to staying on point! Please pray for us.

Pics below display dinner sleepy time, classrooms, music in the sanctuary, and craft room…