Where in the world are we?

July 19, 2022

Yup, we’re in Peshkopi, Albania. Go east across the Adriatic Sea from the “boot heel” of Italy and you’ll run into it. Beautiful place, wonderful ministry team hosts, and energetic children! We’re in the northeast region known as Diber, up against a mountain range that forms the border between Albania and North Macedonia. Corn fields, cherry and plum orchards, rolling hills, the Drin River valley, and mountains. Did I say mountains?! What a beautiful country!

Below are some pictures that give a visual context for the place where we are making Christ known for the next two weeks during our English Language Camps. It is a mostly-cultural Muslim country that for a long time was purged of anything religious, so the Gospel story we are presenting is new to most of them.

Alpha Omega Church is our host – the only church for many miles – and Hotel Veri is our home, for the first week. Lot’s of wood is needed for fuel and heat during the winter in this mountainous region. It’s a place of contrasts, as you can see, and it’s a privilege to serve here as ambassadors for Christ.