Down By The Riverside

July 21, 2022

There’s an old song that begins “I’m gonna lay down my burdens, down by the riverside…” and that’s what we did today. After a rousing opening with songs and announcements, followed by class time focused on the Parable of the Good Samaritan – what it means to follow Jesus – we jumped into several vans and caravanned down into the valley to the Drin River, where we spent the later morning and early afternoon just having a good time (see pics below). It was a timely break because several on the team, including me (Phil) have been hit by a “bug” of some kind, like a low level flu that is sapping our energy. So, having some relaxation in a gorgeous river valley in rural Albania did the trick.

Team meeting this afternoon, followed by team dinner tonight. Then, rest. Please pray for our healing and strength, and that we might represent Christ well during our time here.