The Story Unfolds Chapter by Chapter

July 26, 2022

Today was day two of week two. The theme was The Fall (chapter two), which followed yesterday’s theme of Creation (chapter one). Tomorrow, we will add chapter three, which is the birth of Jesus – new to many of the students, but not all. There are Christian believers here among those who know nothing of the faith, so they share our role as ambassadors for Christ. As you can see in the pictures below, we are having a good time – music, games, class time, crafts, and much more. The teens are having a parallel camp of their own with some of the younger folks on our team, and the word is that they had some very deep discussions today. It was an answer to prayer.

Two things: 1) This is a great team. Stellar, really, and a privilege and joy to partner with. 2) We continue to be hit hard by various “bugs” that bring nausea and energy drain. But, I’ve not heard one complaint. Not. One. What a blessing! Please pray for our health to be restored.

I just stopped by the cafe downstairs to get a pick-me-up cappuccino and I ran into the manager. We’ve seen him many times before, but not for several years. You would have thought it was a homecoming! He promptly comped my cappuccino, shook my hand vigorously, and sat down for a conversation…except he doesn’t speak English and I don’t really speak Albanian. But, I do know Faleminderit (Thank you!). That word was used a lot, by both of us, along with various gestures and smiles, and the point was made – mutual appreciation and admiration. Another day in Albania.