The Story Builds

July 27, 2022

Week Two of the English Language Camp continued in the village of Kastriot today with the story building from Creation to The Fall to the Birth of Jesus. We will add the Parable of the Good Samaritan tomorrow and the Death and Resurrection of Jesus on Friday. It’s a divine drama, a shortened version of the greatest story ever told, and the students are absorbing the message, even some students from Muslim families who were hesitant at first. All of that is supported by crafts that express the theme of the day, along with great music and lyrics that also convey the message.

Below, you can see pictures of the three classes (Carolyn’s, Chisom’s, and Larry’s), the Teen Camp, and the whole group. Time has passed quickly, with only two days left. After class on Friday, we will go down to the river for another picnic, then we will enjoy Saturday off, worship at Alpha Omega Church on Sunday, say our goodbyes to our dear Albanian friends and ministry partners, and return to Tirana on Sunday afternoon. We still have work to do as ambassadors for Christ in this place, so please continue to pray for us. Thanks!