ALBANIA TEAM – First Week Done!

July 7, 2024

The first week of camp was a resounding success and full of joy, a picnic, and closing celebration!

The English Bible Camp in Peshkopi seemed to end much sooner that it should have. With 70 students in attendance, the energy levels were high and the joy of being together was unmistakable. Most importantly, the Holy Spirit was moving in, around, and through the whole camp in the most encouraging ways.

In fact, Rob and Kim shared some of the amazing questions they received from their group:

Today our kids asked so many good questions!
How do you know the Bible is true?
Why do you read the Bible?
Did Jesus write the Bible?
Do you stand before God and get asked about your mistakes when you die?
When is Jesus coming back?
If Jesus could heal the man’s ear, why didn’t he stop them from killing him on the cross?
Was Jesus God when he was a baby?

We are truly thankful for how the students are responding to the things of God and how the greater community is recognizing the positive effects the camps are having on their youngest members. In fact, the police department asked if they could speak to the whole camp, on Friday, about the impact of bullying, violence, unhealthy relationships, and inequality in the work places can have on their society and how it negatively impacts its victims. This is truly a testament to how the municipality has been paying attention and sees the positive impact Alfa Omega Church and youth outreaches like SON English Bible Camps are making in Peshkopi and the surrounding villages. This is exactly what we have been praying for!

On Thursday, the entire camp enjoyed a picnic by the river. It takes about 30 minutes to drive there, using many fugons (transport vans) and driving through narrow roads and across seemingly ancient bridge. But the drive is worth it! Tall trees offer welcome shade and the setting is perfect for games, conversation, dancing, and spirited games of volleyball!

The most difficult part of every camp and every mission trip is saying, “Goodbye.” After the final English sessions in the morning we gathered one last time, on Friday afternoon, to sing songs, give thanks, and enjoy each group’s drama presentations. Afterward, each group huddled together to exchange gifts, shake hands, embrace, and say, “see you next time!”

Hippo Song!

The Afternoon Camp in Kastriot

Two more days of afternoon “mini-camp” were hosted for the youngest members of the community, on Wednesday and Thursday. The big ideas were presented in an engaging way by muppets; songs were sung, crafts made, and fun games were enjoyed by all at the covered soccer field.

All of the students have been a part of the on-going outreach efforts in Kastriot by the Hope For Diber team. While most are still exploring the idea that Jesus really is for all people, several have been bold to openly express their faith and even offer to lead prayer, at the beginning of each session. This is significant, as this village overwhelmingly identifies as Muslim. It is remarkable that parents have been open to letting their children participate in what is transparently shared as Christian object lessons in moral and ethical living.

Next week, a full SON English Bible Camp will be hosted for older students living in Kastriot!

Weekend Excursion and Worship on Sunday

One of the “perks” of going on a mission trip is the opportunity to see and experience some of the beautiful and historical places nearby. On Saturday, we plied in our furgon to drive 3.5 hours, across the border into North Macedonia, to spend several hours in the historic lakeside city of Ohrid. Ruins from the Roman occupation are still being excavated in Ohrid, including a full Roman amphitheater, ancient Catholic and Orthodox churches, and a castle! All contribute to the unique and enchanting feel of this beautiful mountain city by the lake.

We rounded out the weekend with worship at Alfa Omega, in Peshkopi and preparation for camps on Monday morning – an English Bible Camp in Kastirot and a Teen Life Retreat in Peshkopi.

Stay tuned for more updates and please keep your prayers coming!

Here’s how you can stay involved and what you can do!

Pray Continuously: Set aside time each day to pray for the mission trip. Pray for the team’s stamina and health. Pray for the people we are serving, and for the work God is doing in, around, and through us in Kastriot, Peshkopi and the Dibër region. Pray especially for the more remote village children and their families, who are joining us. We hope many will be positively impacted by the camps. Pray for people to grow in curiosity toward Jesus and His Good News.

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