In many ways, this country remains firmly embedded in its communist past.

Although governed by a Prime Minister, many soviet ideals (especially those relating to religion) persist today. Strict laws make it nearly impossible to register a congregation that can meet freely and without persecution. Despite these challenges, Pr. Valery Hryhoryk formed Belarus Lutheran Missionary Fellowship (BLMF) as a way to actively reach children, youth and families with the Gospel. Included in the many outreach activities of BLMF are: children’s camps, theological seminars, community care ministries, Christian book publishing and distribution, and a remarkable music ministry that engages the public through “spiritual songs” that point directly to the Grace, Mercy, and Love of Jesus Christ.

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Country Snapshot

Area: (slightly less than twice the size of Kentucky; slightly smaller than Kansas), total: 207,600 sq km (80,255 sq miles), land: 202,900 sq km (78,340 sq miles), water: 4,700 sq km (1,815 sq miles)

Population: 9,527,543 (July 2018 est.)

Population growth rate:  -0.24% (2018 est.)

Capital City: Minsk

Independence Day: 25 August 1991 (from the Soviet Union)

Ethnic Groups: Belarusian 83.7%, Russian 8.3%, Polish 3.1%, Ukrainian 1.7%, other 2.4%, unspecified 0.9%

Languages Spoken: Russian (official) 70.2%, Belarusian (official) 23.4%, other 3.1% (includes small Polish- and Ukrainian-speaking minorities), unspecified 3.3%

Life Expectancy at Birth: total population: 73.2 years / male: 67.8 years / female: 79  years (2018 est.)

Religious Groups:
Eastern Orthodox 48.3%
Catholic 7.1%%
other 3.5%
non-believers 41.1% (2011 est.)

SON’s Work in Belarus

Connecting BLMF to the Global Family

Due to their unregistered status, SON Network is unable to take mission teams to Belarus. However, we continue to connect BLMF, under the leadership of SON ministry partner Pastor Valery Hryhoryk, with other ministries throughout North America and Europe. BLMF also participates in SON Regional Learning Center training for pastors and ministry workers.