A Word About Ukraine Relief Fund

May 21, 2022

A message and update from SON Executive Director, Pastor David Breidenbach, on the first anniversary of the 2022 Russian war on Ukraine.

Thank YOU! Almost $1 MILLION has been donated so far!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 As you know, SON is a relational ministry Connecting Spiritual Orphans to the Global Family of Christ.
At no point in our 30-year history has this been more apparent than through the response we’ve received, from you, to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine through the Ukraine Relief Fund that we set up late last week. It is truly the Body of Christ in action.
Like you, SON has received numerous pleas for funding from organizations and individuals.
As this situation continues to unfold, please be diligent in asking questions of anyone seeking donations. Make sure that you know where and how funds will be sent and if there is a plan for ongoing support.

Relationships are key:
Distributions from the SON Ukraine Relief Fund have first gone directly to our long-time ministry partners in Ukraine to purchase petrol for convoys (many of them arranged and driven by Ukrainian Lutheran pastors) transporting women and children, the elderly, and disabled, and international students to safer borders. Also, funds have been used to purchase food, medicine, and other necessary supplies, for delivery to shut-ins and those otherwise unable to leave the country. By the fourth week of the war, donations received through the SON Ukraine Relief Fund have been used to evacuate over 2000 people and have fed thousands more.
Second, funds have gone to Slovakia where, through the efforts of Pastor Scott & Lena Yount and the Icthys Youth Center in Vélký Slavkov, hundreds of refugees have been received, clothed, fed and housed. To help assuage feelings of anxiety and loneliness, regular worship and fellowship opportunities have been provided. In cases where refugees have plans to move further into Europe, help is being offered to work out the details of travel; including a small stipend to help with costs.

Similar aid is being extended, to Ukrainian refugees, through SON ministry partners in Austria, Czechia, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Moldova and Poland. We believe that support funds will also be needed in these countries and are monitoring the situation closely. What does the future hold? Only God knows, but we will continue to work to meet the immediate needs of those displaced and uprooted by the war in Ukraine, and are prepared to respond as longer-term solutions reveal themselves – up to and including relocating Ukrainian refugees here, to North America. At the same time, we are training 5 different teams to serve alongside our overseas ministry partners this summer, hosting Bible camps and retreats for children and teens. These will almost certainly include some newly relocated Ukrainian students.

In all cases, funds will only go to our trusted, long-term, partners.
Please continue to read and forward SON social media posts and e-mails. We will continue to keep you up to date as to how your generosity is being used.

May the Grace of Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

How can you help?
 *Pray for SON Mission Partners and all people in Ukraine.

*Pray for the people of Russia.

*Donate to the Special Ukraine Fund. This fund will offset costs for SON Mission Partners associated with evacuation and other emergency expenses.