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Summer Missions Teams
Each summer, SON takes teams made up of Christians seeking to grow in their walk with the Lord by stepping out in Faith as Christ commanded in the words of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). To help decide which type of camp fits your gifts, the following general descriptions are provided:

SON English Bible Camps

SON English Bible Camps are similar in nature to a North American style Vacation Bible School (VBS). These are five-day camps (Monday through Friday) beginning with an opening worship session and introduction of the theme of the day. The remainder of the day is segmented with fun and interactive English sessions, and rotations of sports, crafts, and music. On Friday, students will present a short skit to show friends and families what they have learned during the week or will participate in a camp picnic to celebrate a week of a new relationship with their North American teachers and Jesus Christ (see specific opportunities below)

SON Life and Adventure Retreats

SON Life and Adventure Retreats are a lot like North American youth retreats. These range from 4 – 6 day camps. Some are residential and others are day/evening camps. Students will meet all together for an opening session that presents the topic for the day, followed by one to two intensive small group sessions where teens are presented with ways to discuss things that concern young people (self-esteem, relationships, addiction, etc.) from a Biblical perspective. Activities to break up the day are provided for students (water games, hiking, high ropes, crafts, workshops). Leaders are encouraged to participate! Evening sessions are reserved for intentional worship, testimonies, and opportunities for prayer and an invitation to know Jesus Christ more fully (see specific opportunities below).

Background Checks will be performed on all team members (18 and older) following the application process. This is administered through a third-party provider, which will contact each team member directly.

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2022 Short-Term Trips


Postponed | 2 English Bible Camps

These Bible Camps had been planned to take place in rural public schools in the villages of Yospivka (22 miles northwest from Odessa) and Bila Tserkva (56 miles south from Kiev). For Yospivka, students from neighboring villages come to practice their English with native speakers, and most will hear the Gospel for the first time. For Bila Tserkva, students with special needs and mobility issues will engage with the Gospel and learn how God has a calling and purpose for every person. In a nation where alcoholism, divorce, drugs, prostitution and abortion are rampant, your participation can truly make a difference in the life of one of these precious students. Prayer Request: On February 24, 2022 Russian military forces began to invade and cause devastation throughout Ukraine. It is our heartfelt prayer that we may, indeed, be able to return and host camps in the near future. Lord, have mercy.

Location: Odesa and Kiev Regions
Costs: N/A

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Latvia & Estonia - Team is FULL!

June 02-20 | 1 English Bible Camp & 1 Teen Life Retreat

LATVIA – Headquartered in Saldus, Latvia (about 75 miles from Riga). Team lodging is at Saint Gregors Christian Education Center in Saldus. The SON team, along with our long-time Latvian ministry partners, will host a VBS-style English Bible Camp at nearby Striki School.

ESTONIA – Following the Latvia camp, the team will travel to Estonia, on a Lux Coach Bus for an approximately 4-hour ride to Tartu. The setting for the Teen Life Retreat is at the Home of Hope in Tartu, Estonia. Once the most Lutheran of the baltic states, Estonia is now considered to be the most secular. So, missions and outreach are critical to re-introducing the Gospel to this country. This one week SON Life Camp will address the tough questions that all young people face from a Biblical perspective; allowing them to explore their relationship with God in a way that leads to true transformation and life lived in Jesus Christ. *Note: If you are unable to serve for both camps, a single camp option is possible.

Location: Saldus/Striki, Latvia & Tartu, Estonia
Costs: $1525 + International Airfare

Application Process Closed
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Slovakia (Teens) - Team is FULL!

June 30 - July 18 | 1 English Bible Camp & 1 Life and Adventure Teen Retreat

The SON team, along with our Slovak ministry partners, will host a VBS-style English Bible Camp in a school at the north-central Slovakia town of Ružomberok. The following camp week, a Life & Adventure Teen Retreat will be set in the beautiful mountain village of Šipková. Similar to a confirmation retreat in the U.S., Slovak students and the American/Slovak leadership team will engage in a wide variety of activities that give plenty of room and opportunities to explore what it means to be follower of Jesus Christ. Due to the reserved culture, most young people have never engaged in deep spiritual conversation. However, they respond quickly to American team members and are very open to an understanding that there is a Father in Heaven who loves them and brothers and sisters in Christ who will walk alongside them on their journey of Faith.

Location:  Ružomberok & Šipková

Costs: $1,525 + International Airfare

Application Process Closed
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Slovakia - Team is FULL!

June 30 - July 18 | 2 English Bible Camps

The word Slava means Glory and Slovakia is truly a glorious country! In this setting, the team begins camp one in the village of Vranov. Historically, about 110 students participate in this VBS style camp. Week two is set in Batizovce, where the team will teach the same curriculum. Each year, we receive requests from new Lutheran churches in Slovakia asking for a SON Camp in their area. Our only obstacle is having enough team members to serve! *Note: If you are unable to serve for both camps, a single camp option is available.

Location: Vranov and Batizovce
Costs: $1,525 + International Airfare

Application Process CLosed
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Albania - Team is FULL!

July 14-August 01 | 2 English Bible Camps

Location one is Peshkopi, Albania – a beautiful mountain village near the North Macedonia border (about a 2 hour drive from the capital city of Tirana). The second week will be in a nearby, small country village of Kastriot. The camps in Albania are designed in conjunction with the local ministry partner. This is important for the context of working with the culturally Muslim culture in Albania (people who identify themselves as Muslim, but are not practicing). Weeks one and two will follow the same curriculum, but with very different contexts for ministry. Due to an American military protection through several conflicts, Albanians are very welcoming of Americans. This spiritual and cultural openness creates an extraordinary opportunity to share Faith in Jesus Christ.

Location: Peshkopi & Kastriot
Costs: $1525 + International Airfare

Application Process Closed
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Ethiopia - Postponed

TBD | 2 English Bible Camps

Set in the high-altitude (7,600+ ft) capital city of Addis Ababa, the SON team will host two, VBS-style English Bible Camps on the K-12 school campus of our education partners in Addis. These will be the first-ever English Bible Camps hosted in Ethiopia!

Location: Addis Ababa
Costs: N/A

(NOTE: Additional vaccinations/boosters may be required for travel to Ethiopia. Please consult an international travel clinic, like Passport Health USA, in your area.)

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