Connected through YOU. Adopted by GOD.

Spiritual Orphans Network connects Christians from North America with people in former communist countries who do not know they have a Father in Heaven who wants to adopt them to Himself or a Family in Christ who will foster them as they seek to become Children of God.

“In love he predestined us for adoption as sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.” -Ephesians 1:5, ESV

SON works in former communist countries where Christianity was outlawed and punishable by imprisonment, exile or death. In many cases, the persecution lasted for several generations. Once the ideologies of communism took hold they undermined both, family values and the belief in any power other than the government. Over time, Christianity was all but eradicated, leaving no older generation (no grandmas, grandpas, mothers, or fathers) to share their Faith with subsequent generations.

As a sending agency, SON has placed career missionaries in Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Albania, Turkey, and Dubai. We also strive to equip the indigenous Church and lay leadership to serve as missionaries within their own culture. Each summer, short-term mission teams serve with these long-term missionaries and ministry partners. Additionally, SON staff and representatives teach and preach at conferences and conventions throughout the year, all over the European continent and throughout North America.

SON Network is a confessional, evangelical, Christian mission organization that connects partners with indigenous Christians living in former communist and Soviet bloc nations. Though we are a para-church organization founded in the confessional Lutheran tradition, at our core is the belief that we are first and foremost Kingdom Builders on mission with Christ. As a result, we also partner with other conservative, evangelical Christians who share in these core values.

SON is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is registered in Bloomington, MN and headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. We are blessed to serve alongside a vast network of North American supporters, throughout the US and Canada.

In September 1992, Pastor Don Richman founded East European Missions Network (now named Spiritual Orphans Network) to help rebuild the Lutheran Church in Russia and former Soviet countries. The idea was to educate American Christians to minister alongside the remnant of the Lutheran Church to develop Christian materials, host seminars for pastors and help build Bible schools and seminaries. Through this concept of mutual fellowship and sharing of resources, the idea of the Network began to take root.

From 2004-2014, Pastor Bill Moberly served as Director of EEMN and built upon Pastor Richman’s vision. Although EEMN had been hosting English Bible Camps as early as 1996, Pastor Moberly applied the idea more deliberately and was able to bring true partnership between North American congregations and East and Central Europe. Many of the students of these English Bible Camps are now Believers and Christian leaders in their communities.

Pastor David Breidenbach joined the staff as Executive Director in March of 2015. Pr. David and his wife Angela and daughters, Rachel & Emily began serving with SON (then EEMN) in 2006, leading teams to Ukraine, Slovakia and Russia. As their love for the ministry grew, so did the connection to the people they were serving. When Pastor David had the opportunity to join the staff as Executive Director, it was an easy decision.

Under his leadership, ministry partnerships began to develop outside of former Soviet Bloc nations, and it quickly became evident that we were no longer serving just in East Europe. Accordingly, it also became obvious that East European Missions Network did not describe the full extent of the ministry. As a result, Pastor David realized the need to rebrand to better tell the story of WHO we serve, not where we serve. Thus, in April 2020, Spiritual Orphans Network (SON) was born.

Today, SON continues to develop and nurture international partnerships that produce a strong network of people, ministries, and resources between European, African, and North American believers, and beyond. This is how relationships are strengthened, disciples are made, and the Body of Christ is equipped for Kingdom building.

What We Do

Connecting Spiritual Orphans to the Global Family of Christ.

  • Short-term missionaries bring the Word to people who have never encountered the Love, Grace & Mercy of Jesus Christ through an English Bible Camp experience.
  • Full-time residential missionaries work alongside indigenous missionaries to rebuild the Church and reclaim Christian heritage and culture.
  • K-12 Christian Education partnerships and other programs help to grow a new generation of Faith.
Where We Serve

Why We Do It

Spiritual Orphans lack a connection to God.

They often feel isolated and alone. This creates an absence of hope, no concept of forgiveness, and a lack of identity.

The vision of SON is to ENGAGE Spiritual Orphans in the Word of GOD. We do this through YOU. Your support of SON, either as a short-term team member or someone who donates to one of our missionaries or programs, is vital to this ENGAGEMENT and is the first step towards a life RECLAIMed – Adopted by God.

SON then works alongside our partners in ministry to provide additional resources and education as these lives become TRANSFORMed in Christ – Spiritual Orphans into Children of God.

Our Beliefs