SON Network currently is serving in
Albania, Austria, Belarus, Estonia, Ethiopia, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

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SON - Where We Serve Placeholder
SON - Where We Serve

We offer opportunities for North American volunteers to participate as members of short-term missions (STM) teams that serve to connect with people in former communist and Soviet bloc nations in Central & East Europe, Ethiopia, Russia, the Baltics, and the Balkans.

SON missions teams host cross-cultural English Bible camps and schools for children; Life & Adventure camps for teens; and Bible studies for adults. Overseas teaching opportunities also exist for pastors and ministry leaders in a variety of settings and terms of service, through SON Regional Learning Centers. Long-term and career missionaries are also called, equipped, and sent to serve in specific kingdom-building capacities that help empower, equip, and grow the visions for ministry of our indigenous co-workers, overseas. This is how relationships are strengthened, disciples are made, and the Body of Christ is equipped for Kingdom Building.

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