Once the most Lutheran of the Baltic states, Estonia is now considered the most secular nation in the world.

Beginning in 1940, Estonia came under soviet atheistic rule. During this time, over 70% of Lutheran pastors were murdered, imprisoned or sent into exile. However, a small remnant survived and today, huge things are happening in this small country. Third generation Estonian Lutheran pastor, Siimon Haamer has a vision to reclaim the Christian heritage once held so dear to his culture. This vision began with his father, Ennok who founded the Tartu Academy of Theology (TAT), the country’s only resource for training people as witnesses to God’s love, grace, and mercy. Recently, Siimon was able to obtain seed funds to expand the vision of TAT by building the Home of Hope (HOH) in Tartu, Estonia. The HOH will not only house TAT but will also be an ecumenical witness to the community by becoming host to the local Christian radio station, pastoral counseling and church meeting space, as well as an outreach center to local businesses.

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Country Snapshot

Area: (about twice the size of New Jersey) total: 45,228 sq km (17,463 sq miles), land: 42,388 sq km (16,366 sq miles), water: 2,840 sq km (1,097 sq miles), note: includes 1,520 islands in the Baltic Sea

Population: 1,244,288 (July 2018 est.)

Population growth rate:-0.6%(2018 est.)

Capital City: Tallinn

Independence Day: 20 August 1991 (declared); 6 September 1991 (recognized by the Soviet Union)

Ethnic Groups: Estonian 68.7%, Russian 24.8%, Ukrainian 1.7%, Belarusian 1%, Finn 0.6%, other 1.6%, unspecified 1.6%

Languages: Estonian (official) 68.5%, Russian 29.6%, Ukrainian 0.6%, other 1.2%, unspecified 0.1%

Life Expectancy at Birth: total population: 77 years / male: 72.3 years / female: 82 years (2018 est.)

Religious Groups:
none 54.1%
Orthodox 16.2%
Lutheran 9.9%
other Christian (including Methodist, Seventh-Day Adventist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal) 2.2%
other 0.9%
unspecified 16.7%

SON’s Work in Estonia

English Bible Camps/Life Camps

SON’s work in Estonia has always included a cross-generational element. Each summer, SON Network takes teams to serve throughout Estonia where we host non-residential Life Camps for teens as well as cater to a loyal and committed group of older adults who like to meet for lively discussion about how to live a Christian life in an increasingly secular culture.

SON and Home of Hope

Fundraising continues for Home of Hope and SON Network is proud to be one of the conduits for this ambitious vision. We look forward to utilizing this beautiful facility for SON English Bible Camps, Life Camps and regional learning seminars for pastors and church workers.

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