Am I equipped to go?

Generally, there are only three things that are required:

  1. The ability to speak English. In all of the countries where SON serves, students are required to begin learning English in the 2nd grade. They ALL want to practice their English skills with native English speakers. You do NOT need to be specially trained in English as a Second Language (ESL).
  2. A heart for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. A willingness to step out and Be the Generation of Faith to Spiritual Orphans.

Am I too old/young to go?

The oldest person that SON has ever had on the team was 86, the youngest traveling without parents was 15, the youngest traveling with parents was 3.

Are there physical requirements?

If you are called to go on mission and are generally fit (can walk up to a mile, climb stairs, carry 50 lbs), then the physical elements of a SON mission trip should be manageable. 

What does SON provide?

SON provides:

  • Training – including how to ask people that you know to come alongside you with prayer and support, cross-cultural education, and training on how to use the SON provided curriculum to teach your students.
  • Translators – you do not need to know how to speak another language.
  • Trip Planning – all flights, lodging, meals, ground transportation, and excursions are coordinated by SON.

I see that the fee shows a participation cost plus international airfare. How much does Airfare Cost?

Roundtrip airfare usually costs between $1,200 and $1,700. Traveling as a member of a team is a little different than just booking an itinerary for yourself. It is very important that everyone arrives at approximately the same time in order to coordinate ground transportation to each of the camp locations. SON usually books Missionary tickets, which allow for extra supply bags and are often partially, if not fully, refundable. SON also begins booking airline itineraries in early March so that we can secure the best available prices; as airfares typically increase the closer we get to the summer travel season.

What about Training and when will I get to meet my Team Leaders and fellow Team Members?

Soon after SON approves your submitted application, we will send a Welcome to the team email followed by a hard copy of your welcome packet and Team Training Manual. In early March, you can expect to be contacted by your Team Leader in order to coordinate the first on-line Team Training session. We use a video conferencing platform, called Zoom. Each team is made up of volunteers and come from different parts of the country. Teams typically meet 5-7 times leading up to your team’s departure for the mission.

By the end of the training, you will know your entire team by face and name, and also what to expect and what is expected of you as a fellow team member. The training will cover everything from how to begin fundraising – to how to prepare for the camps – to how to pack for the trip and survive passport control! Most importantly, our goal is for you to feel confident and prepared before you head for the airport.

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