Things Start To Come Full Circle

June 14, 2023

Today: Joseph sees his dreams answered. 

On our third day of camp, we explored how God worked through the ups and downs of Joseph’s life to bring his plans to fruition. The text from Genesis begins to hint at the resolution of the whole Joseph story as finally, Joseph meets his brothers in Egypt.

The skits, crafts, and lessons for the day all center around the unfolding drama of Joseph’s rise to provenience in Egypt and the impending meeting with his brothers who long ago thought he has forever been sold into slavery. It’s truly amazing how God weaves his purposes through our lives. 

Please continue to pray for a spiritual breakthrough. Already we have encouraging reports from team members about pivotal conversations and circumstantial moments with campers, volunteers, and others connected to this camp. 

God is on the move! Please pray boldly for:

  • Continued movement of the Holy Spirit to make those at the camp open to hearing and responding to the Gospel 
  • Protection from any mishap for team and campers.
  • A sense of joy and accomplishment among team members as they get to a part of the week where energy can flag and discouragement can come easily.

Here are a few pictures of our day: