SON Albania Team Almost Ready!

July 2, 2023

The SON Albania team is almost ready to go! …just as soon as everybody gets here. The great airlines debacle affected half of the team, which meant delays of 3-4 days before arriving in Albania. Matt, Sam, Chisom, Bryce, and DMC all arrived, as scheduled and were greeted at the airport by Pr. David & Angela and SON media director, Daniel. The Pool family found themselves stranded in Chicago for two days, before successfully arriving in Tirana Sunday afternoon. The huge blessing is that the airline found their lost luggage and loaded it on the airplane so they were reunited with every bag, after 3 days of being unsure whether they’d see them again! Thanks be to God.

Our fearless leaders, Pr Phil & Carolyn have been delayed 4 times, in as many days. As of this writing, we are all praying they will board the first of three planes that will eventually land them in Albania very late Monday night.

For the mean time, the team that is in country is adjusting to their new time zone and the incredible culture into which they have been immediately immersed. Our gracious hosts have been feeding us well and there have already been wonderful opportunities to begin building relationships.

Sunday morning worship was a blessing for the American team, as Pastor Ermal had arranged for an interpreter for the team, so we were able to all understand and receive the message from 1 Corinthians, about being Christian witnesses living in the world but not of the world. On Sunday evening, the SON team and our Albanian team members gathered at Alpha-Omega Center in Peshkopi to set up classrooms and prepare for the first day of camp Monday morning. We celebrated what God is getting ready to do and enjoyed getting to know each other better and eating pizza!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for fast acclimation to our new time zone and restful sleep – through the night – for our jet-lagged team members.
  • Safe and uninterrupted travel for Pr. Phil & Carolyn
  • The hearts and minds of every student who will participate in the SON English Bible Camp – 66+ students are already signed up!
  • That the citizens of Peshkopi, Albania will be blessed by what they see and hear from the curious Americans that are guests in their community