Friday’s Albania Camp 1 Recap

July 7, 2023

From team member/lead, Phil Lee…

Flights to Albania were canceled on Wednesday, June 28, for Carolyn and I. We waited in line over eight hours to rebook for Saturday. Flights were canceled on Saturday, and rebooked for Sunday. We got out of Seattle Sunday afternoon, and made it to Tirana, Albania, just before midnight on Monday, July 3. Then, a 2.5 hour drive to Peshkopi through the Albanian mountains under a beautiful full moon. (cell phone picture below)

Then, the following event happened in the early morning, an hour after Carolyn and I arrived in Peshkopi, and just as I was going to bed, as experienced and recorded by team member, Rob Pool: “Last night, close to 3:30AM (Tuesday morning), Kim and I had awoken (jet lagged) and noticed an image on our hotel wall. Normally, you wouldn’t think twice about a sliver of city lamp post light shining through a gap in our hotel curtains. But, this below is literally what we saw. And, I promise the photo was not edited in any way. In fact, Kim couldn’t capture it from our bed. So, I grabbed my phone, walked closer and snapped the pic, still unable to see the preview before snapping it.” (cell phone picture below)

Could it be…a cross reflected on the Pool’s room wall…in the middle of the night…just as I was going to bed to the sounds of the Muslim call to prayer echoing in the night? Yes. It was all prelude to a God-ordained week of being ambassadors of Christ.

We’ve been here several days now with a wonderful team that’s doing great work. English language camps, renewing and making new relationships, and making Christ known by our words and actions. This is a beautiful country, and we are very glad to be here!

Camp 1