Albania Camp 2 is in Full Swing

July 11, 2023

From team co-lead, Phil Lee…

It’s a new week, our second week in Albania, and Camp 2 in the village of Kastriot is off and running! This is a rural village area several miles outside of the town of Peshkopi. I continue to be impressed with the beauty of this country, with mountains, valleys, rivers and streams, it’s a feast for the eyes. And the people are welcoming and hospitable. Then there’s the children – full of energy and eager to learn English. We are using curriculum that Carolyn Lee wrote that draws from healing stories in the Bible, with the weekly theme of God’s Power to Heal.

Some of the children come from Muslim families, and some of their parents are hesitant, and even skeptical about what we’re doing. We are transparent about our Christian faith and witness, but emphasize a relational approach to everything. That means we earn their trust, and, more often than not, the parents are willing to entrust their children to us for the English camps. There are Muslim children among us, learning English as they hear the good news of Jesus Christ. And, there are Christian children here, too, and it all adds to a lively mix. Last week was a great camp, and this week promises to be great, too!

Chisom’s class (in plaid shirt, Enio is the translator in green t-shirt)

Carolyn’s class (Ina is the translator, in the middle in gray t-shirt)

Teen Camp

Carolyn pondering the sheep beneath her at the Outreach Center in Kastriot

Albanian women consulting, trying to figure out those Americans!

some crafts…

more crafts, following the theme of God’s Power to Heal

even more crafts…

Camp 2 at the Outreach Center in Kastriot

Carolyn teaching her class on the healing of the 10 lepers

Kim and Carolyn trying to keep control of the t-shirt tie-dying adventure

DMC (aka David Michael Carrillo), an American from Latvia, and our intrepid musicianary, preparing some music for the next session