Greetings from Slovakia!

July 19, 2023

We had an eventful and enriching day on Tuesday during our mission trip. Our focus was on the story of Joseph, exploring the theme of “When Life Is Not Fair.” Throughout the day, we witnessed incredible moments of bonding, growth, and learning.

In the first class, Mary, our compassionate leader, connected exceptionally well with her group of students. Her caring demeanor and genuine interest in their lives earned her several hugs from the children. It is heartwarming to see the impact she is making on these young hearts.

Carol’s class, in the second session, embarked on a journey of understanding faith. Her students actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions, seeking to grasp the concept and its significance. Carol’s guidance allowed them to explore their beliefs and grow in their spiritual understanding.

Andreas, our creative instructor, taught the students an exciting balloon lesson that produced loud noises. The children were thrilled with this interactive activity and were eager to learn the skill. The teachers were grateful for Andreas’ engaging lesson, which added an element of fun to the day’s curriculum.

Gary had an inspiring moment with one of his students, who had been hesitant to participate on the first day. To everyone’s delight, this student volunteered to speak English first during Tuesday’s class. Gary’s encouragement and support helped this student overcome their initial reservations, allowing them to fully embrace the learning experience.

In the evening, the team enjoyed a delightful outing to visit the Čičva Castle ruins after dinner. This experience not only offered an opportunity for the team members to bond further but also allowed us to deepen our connections with the invaluable translators who have been assisting us throughout the camp.

Timmy has been a great asset to TJ in sports and has also been helping out with other duties as needed. Their teamwork and mutual support have been commendable and have strengthened the unity within the team.

Praise and Petitions: We have some praises to share! Our dedicated translator, Lydia, received a call last night, informing her that Sheri’s lost luggage has been found in Warsaw, Poland. It will be arriving at our location today, Wednesday. We are grateful for this answered prayer and appreciate everyone who lifted this concern in their prayers.

However, we have another prayer request. Please continue to keep Don in your thoughts and prayers. We believe in the power of collective prayer and know that our support can make a difference in his life.

As the week progresses, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving and making a positive impact in the lives of those we encounter. Thank you for your continuous support, prayers, and encouragement.