Greetings from Day 3 of our English Bible camp!

July 20, 2023

As expected, Day 3 can be a bit challenging as our energy levels may dip after two intense days. However, we are delighted to see that the students are becoming more comfortable and energized as they immerse themselves in the camp experience.

Today’s lessons centered around the theme of faith in God’s timing, focusing on the passages from Genesis 41 to 42. The students engaged thoughtfully with the material, and it was inspiring to witness their growing understanding of the importance of trusting in God’s plan and timing.

Both the team members and the students had a wonderful day filled with meaningful interactions and valuable learning experiences. The students’ excitement was palpable, especially during sports time when they finally had the opportunity to play football. These moments of joy and camaraderie have been heartwarming to witness.

The relationships between the students and team members are flourishing, and it is evident that God’s presence is at work among us. The genuine connections formed between the camp participants are strengthening the sense of community and fostering an environment of love and support.

Praises: We have a reason to celebrate as Sheri received her luggage last night! Her excitement was contagious, and we are grateful that her belongings are now with her, allowing her to fully enjoy the camp experience.

Prayers: Despite the positive energy and uplifting moments, we continue to pray for Don. His unwavering strength and inner peace serve as a powerful testament to his devotion to the Lord. We are aware that times are not easy for him, but his determination to follow God’s will is evident in his perseverance. Please join us in lifting him up in prayer, asking for God’s grace and comfort during this challenging time.

As we progress through the camp, we remain committed to spreading God’s love, sharing valuable life lessons, and creating lasting memories with the students. Thank you for your continued support and prayers, which are making a significant impact on the success of this mission.