SLOVAKIA Teen Retreat – Water and Campfire Day!

July 21, 2023

Wednesday was a day to enjoy recreating and making the special memories that seem to always come from gathering together around a campfire. The weather report promised massive rain so we flip flopped the schedule to be outdoors at the beginning of the day. Silly weather app, the entire day was beautiful!

After breakfast we moved outside for the much anticipated water fútbol and water balloon fights! An inflatable fútbol court filled with a couple of centimeters of water made for high competition and great fun for all. Water-filled balloons were also a hit with everyone!

Following lunch, we gathered for the large group opening, led by Macy (from NM), Petra and Ondrey (both from Slovakia). The focus for the day was “Broken Nation” the story of God using Moses to free the Israelites from slavery. Macy, Ondrey, and Petra all shared their powerful testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their lives, and Angela also shared how God gave her new life amid the struggles of growing up in a messy and broken family.

We also rinsed and dried our tie-dye T-shirts for a retreat photo! Myla and Emma (both from the U.S.) led the evening session which also included a campfire, with traditional Slovak sausages, and very powerful and touching testimonies shared by both, Myla and by Emma. We worshiped through song and ended the evening with prayer and spiritual conversations. God is definitely up to something and his Spirit is moving through the camp!

Everybody sings in Slovak! Do you recognize the song?


  • That the Holy Spirit would continue to move in, around, and through the teens, as they recognize and respond to the Good News in Jesus Christ.
  • Perseverance for the team. Retreats are a lot of fun but require a great deal of stamina, as the days begin early and end quite late. So many deep conversations can take a lot out of a leader. Pray for restful, healing sleep, so we are fresh for next week!
  • Please pray for the students who are preparing to participate in the SON Retreat next week! This will be a new setting with all new participants!