Slovakian English Bible Camp Update – Day 4 & 5

July 21, 2023

Greetings from the heartwarming and eventful days four and five of our English Bible camp in Slovakia!

Day Four: On Thursday, our focus was on the profound theme of forgiveness. Crystal and Sheri brilliantly conveyed this lesson through an engaging object lesson, emphasizing the importance of forgiving others as Christ forgives us. The students were captivated by the message, and the significance of extending grace to others deeply resonated with them.

After a fulfilling day at camp, we assisted in a special presentation for the parents, inviting them to witness the incredible progress their children have made throughout the week. The attendance was impressive, with around 200 students and their families joining us. The students showcased their talents by singing songs and a heartwarming slideshow of pictures from the week was shown. It was a beautiful way to celebrate the students’ growth and bond with their families.

In delightful news, Phillip safely arrived at camp around 3:30 pm, bringing all of his luggage along. We are grateful for his safe arrival and the completeness of his belongings.

The team spirit remains high, and everyone is happy and in good health. The unity within the team has been a driving force in creating a positive and enriching experience for all.

Day Five: Friday’s schedule had slightly shorter English lessons as the students prepared to showcase a skit they had diligently practiced throughout the week. Families eagerly arrived at the church around 1:30 pm to watch their children perform. Witnessing the students’ excitement and joy as they performed for their families was an incredible joy to behold.

Saying goodbye on Fridays is bittersweet. Over the course of the week, we have grown close to the students, and they have become comfortable with us. The farewells are accompanied by the hope of meeting again, but the goodbyes remain difficult as we part ways until the next time we meet.

This evening, the team will spend one last precious moment with the interpreters, cherishing the strong bonds formed during our time together.

Tomorrow, the team will depart from Varanov and travel by bus to Batizovce, where they will prepare for next week’s camp. We kindly ask for your continued prayers for the team’s well-being, safe travels, and open hearts.

Please also remember to keep Don and his family in your prayers. Your support and prayers are immensely valued and cherished as we continue to serve and share the message of love and faith during this life-changing mission.

With gratitude and blessings.