Slovakia EBC: Week 1 Wrap-up

July 22, 2023

The 2023 English Bible Camp in Vranov nad Toplou is officially in the books! Here’s a little by-the-numbers review:

  • 9: the number of English Bible Camps that have now been held in Vranov
  • 86: the number of students ages 6-13 who attended this year’s camp
  • 18: the number of Americans who served on the team
  • 18: the number of Slovaks who served as interpreters, helpers, or leaders
  • 11: the number of Slovak interpreters who had participated in the camps as children and now are coming back to help
  • Too many to count: the number of Slovaks who helped with everything else, from taking photos to moving tables to helping with sound equipment
  • 2: the number of (not serious) injuries that occurred during sports
  • 0: the number of Americans who got locked in or out of a bathroom, bedroom, or building (a record number!)
  • 4: the number of trips team members took to a local restaurant to enjoy their amazing dessert selection (tiramisu, creme brulee, and chocolate souffle….you can’t go wrong!)
  • 6: the number of 5-and-under year olds who “attended” the camp and participated in coloring, games, and snacks with their parents outside
  • 1: the number of kegs of Kofola (a Central European cola) consumed over the course of the week
  • An infinite amount: the number of lives that were touched and the number of wonderful memories that everyone involved in the camp will hold!
Some of the combined American & Slovak teams at Cicva Castle
The 2023 Vranov English Bible Camp!