Velky Slavkov, Slovakia Teen Retreat Wrap Up

July 22, 2023

On Thursday morning, EJ (from NM) and Petra (from Slovakia) led a fun warm-up game and then helped us focus on the Story of David: A Broken King. Brian, DMC, and Anushka led worship and then EJ and Petra each shared their powerful testimonies of facing struggles and how God provides healing and strength to know their true purpose in life.

After meeting in small groups to unpack the day’s focus, the afternoon was spent in a scavenger hunt/challenge game that kept the entire camp scurrying about for 2 hours! Everyone had a really great time.

Husband and wife, Brian & Rachel (from NM) led the camp in worship and then they each shared amazing and vulnerable testimonies of healing and new life in Christ. The evening was then spent watching the camp feature movie: I Can Only Imagine, a true story about the origins of the popular song by the Christian band, MercyMe. The movie was catalyst for deep discussion Friday morning, which led to a very personal testimony from Judson (from NM).

Our Slovak partners in ministry and gracious hosts, SEM Director Miro and SEM Coordinator Nika, asked the participants for feedback about the camp and then recognized the entire team for their hard work and leadership. Following the small groups session and lunch, the camp gathered for the final wrap-up. This last session, led by Pastor DMC (SON Missionary to Latvia) focused on the redemption we know in Jesus. DMC then shared his testimony about his new life and ministry found in the provision of Christ. Marta (from Ukraine) gave out awards to each small group for most point earned through fun competitions held throughout the week and then it was time for the most difficult part of missions… saying, “Goodbye.”

We look forward to the possibility of seeing each other again and enjoying another retreat in Velky Slavkov!


  • Team rest and recuperation between now and when the next camp begins, Sunday evening.
  • Fast relationship building between the SON team and our new Slovak hosts and co-leaders, as we meet to plan and strategize for next week’s camp!
  • 60+ students are registered to join us for the next retreat – from Slovakia, Latvia, and Ukraine, plus our own 10 teenagers! Pray for great connections, joy, and for the Holy Spirit to move in, around, and through us, all!