Slovakia Teen Retreat 2 Begins!

July 25, 2023

After spending Sunday morning in worship with the congregation at Gerlachov and their Pastor, Miro Mato, our team met for lunch with the SON Bible Camp Team. We then transitioned into the the second Life & Adventure Retreat fór teen at beautiful Ranč Kráľova Lehota, 32km west of Poprad.

65 teens from Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, and the U.S. arrived late Sunday afternoon to begin our week-long retreat! Warm up games, music, worship, and a testimony by Pastor David helped set the tone for the retreat focus: UNBROKEN: How God Uses Broken People to Fulfill His Purpose. One of the blessings is having a large tent for the group gatherings and a beautiful ranch-style setting, with cabins, large fields, and even a zoo!

We are looking forward to what Monday will bring!


  • This is the first teen retreat with new relatively new Slovak partners. We pray for fast bonding among the international team and for the global impact of the Gospel to profoundly reach each and every teen in attendance.
  • The U.S. team is fatigued, having only a very short time of rest in between the previous teen retreat and the start of this one. Please pray for health and refreshing sleep for the entire team.
  • Please pray for each team leader (representing every country) as most will be sharing very personal testimonies about their challenges in life and how God has worked in, around, and through them. At the end of every retreat a survey is taken by the participants and testimonies are always the number one element of a retreat that makes the biggest impact for the students.