Slovakia Int’l Teen Camp Day One

July 29, 2023

Monday morning began in the big tent with a great warm up game and then an introduction to how we became Broken in the first place, by learning about Adam & Eve and what happened at the Garden of Eden. Jules (from NM) & Anna-Mariia (from Ukraine) led the first session by first leading a teachable moment game where two bags of trash were dumped on the ground and the students had to make something beautiful out of the trash. The results were pretty remarkable! Later, Jules shared her faith story and Sheri (from WA) gave a very powerful testimony about her life and how God healed broken relationships and made her whole, again. Brian led music with an assist by Pr. DMC and we all learned to sing some new songs, even in Slovak! Afterward, we divided into small groups for a better opportunity to dig deep into Scripture and struggle with some challenging concepts.

In the afternoon we made tie-dye t-shirts and cooled off with water balloon games! Heather (from MN) and Peter (from Slovakia) led the evening session and couple of rounds of “Adam, where are you?” – “Here I am.” – Both students are blindfolded and have to make there way through a maze of people and chairs. Adam does not want to be found and so must evade Eve as best as possible. It was a lot of fun and provided great entertainment for all! Heather then shared her faith story and testament to the God’s goodness and patience in her life, followed by Peter. Latvian student, Gustavs, volunteered to share his testimony of faith and walk alongside a friend who struggles with life choices. All three stories connected deeply with students and encouraged us all. Brian led worship, assisted by Pr. DMC, where many lingered afterward for prayer and conversation. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day!