Day One: Life of Moses; Trust

June 10, 2024

Greetings, SON supporters!

We’re excited to bring you the first update from our English Language Bible Camp here in Latvia! Our mission team, which includes myself (Pastor Mark), Julia, Gary, Veranika, J.T. Nehemiah, Pastor David and Angela Breidenbach, and of course, Pastor David Michale Carrillo. We’re eager to share our journey with you and encourage you to follow along on our dedicated ministry blog for daily updates and inspiring stories.

Theme Introduction

This year’s camp theme is “Life of Moses,” and today’s focus was on “Trust in God.” It’s a fitting theme to start with, considering the many challenges Moses faced in his lifetime. The message resonates deeply with all of us, especially in these uncertain times.

Key Highlights of Day One

Our first day at camp was filled with joy, learning, and many memorable moments. We began with an opening program that included welcoming the campers, introducing the theme, and setting a positive tone for the week ahead. The energy and enthusiasm from both the campers and our team members were infectious as we dove into the day’s activities.

Morning Program and Instructions:
We started with a morning devotion centered around Psalm 28:7: “The LORD is my strength and shield. My heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.” This verse became our anchor for the day, reminding us of God’s constant presence and protection.

Interactive Sessions:
The campers participated in interactive sessions where they learned about Moses’ early life and his escape from Egypt. Through English lesson time, drama, sports, and music, we brought the story to life. The children were particularly engaged by our light-hearted, low-production value reenactment of Moses’ journey in the basket down the Nile, which helped them connect with the lesson in a tangible way.

Fun Activities:
Throughout the day, the campers engaged in various fun activities that reinforced the theme. They created crafts related to the story of Moses and played games that emphasized teamwork and trust. The now familiar formula of classroom activities, sports, crafts, and music has started to have an impact.

Lesson Focus

The central lesson for the day focused on Psalm 28:7 and the importance of trusting God in dangerous times. We shared stories of how Moses trusted God despite facing significant dangers and how God continually provided and protected him.

Teaching Sessions:
During our teaching sessions, we emphasized that, like Moses, we can rely on God’s strength and protection. We encouraged the campers to share times when they felt scared and how they found comfort in trusting God. This opened up meaningful discussions and allowed the children to see that they are not alone in their fears.

Impactful Stories:
As the day progressed, it was clear that the lesson was resonating with the campers. On the first day, many of the campers can be reluctant to open up. But even by the end of today, we could see the seeds of trust and friendship starting to take root. These moments were heartwarming and demonstrated the power of God’s word in action.

Call to Action

As our mission team continues this journey, we ask for your continued prayers and support. Here’s how you can stay involved:

Pray Continuously: Set aside time each day to pray for the mission trip. Pray for the team’s stamina and health, for the people we will serve, and for the work God will do in and through us.

Stay Updated: Follow along on our ministry blog for more updates and inspiring stories from the camp. Your comments and encouragements are greatly appreciated and help us feel connected to our church family back home.

Get Involved: Although the logistical support has been arranged, consider how you can continue to support the mission team and their families. Offering words of encouragement and practical help can make a significant difference.

This mission trip is more than an event; it’s a chance for us to live out our faith in a tangible way. Thanks for making this possible!

SON Musicianary to Latvia, Pastor David Michael Carrillo once again leads the music rotation.