An Incredible Day at Bible Camp: Trusting God Even When We Feel Unworthy

June 12, 2024

Hello, SON supporters!

We’re delighted to bring you an update from our English Language Bible Camp in Latvia. The excitement here is obvious, and we’re thrilled to share the amazing progress and stories from Day Three with you. We encourage you to follow our journey on our dedicated ministry blog for daily updates and inspiring stories.

Theme Introduction

This year’s camp theme is the “Life of Moses,” and today’s focus was on “Trust When We Feel Unworthy.” It’s a theme that resonates deeply with everyone, especially in these times when self-doubt can easily creep in. Our goal today was to help the campers understand that God can use us even when we don’t feel worthy.

Key Highlights of Day Three

Today was packed with joy, learning, and unforgettable moments. We began with an opening program that included welcoming the campers and introducing the day’s theme. And ended with another testimony from a team member. We were blessed with great weather! Thanks for your prayers.

Morning Opening:
We started the day with worship and a skit that pointed us to the story of Moses encountering the burning bush from Exodus 3-11. We reflected on Moses’ feelings of unworthiness and God’s reassurance that He would be with him. The devotion set a powerful tone for the day, reminding us all that God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

Interactive Sessions:
The campers participated in English sessions and rotations (music, sports, Crafts) where they learned about Moses’ initial reluctance to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Through English lessons, drama, sports, and music, we brought the story to life. The children were particularly engaged by our light-hearted reenactment of Moses at the burning bush, which helped them connect with the lesson in a tangible way.

Lesson Focus

The central lesson for the day focused on trusting God even when we feel unworthy. We shared the story of how Moses, despite his initial doubts and feelings of inadequacy, was chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. This powerful narrative was anchored in the scripture from Exodus, highlighting that God equips those He calls.

Team Reflections:
At the end of the day, our team gathered to reflect on the experiences. We were amazed by the campers’ enthusiasm and openness. It was clear that God was already working in their hearts, planting seeds of faith and trust. Seeing the campers begin to understand and accept that God values them regardless of their feelings of worthiness was incredibly rewarding. One of our team members shared his reflections below.

Call to Action

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