Day Four: Trusting When We Need Help

June 13, 2024

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to another exciting update from our English Language Bible Camp here in Latvia! Our mission team, is a bit tired, but still engaged.  As we head into the fourth day of camp, the enthusiasm and joy among the campers are inspiring. Relationships are being established that will have a life-long impact. Yesterday during team devotions, our leader, Gary, reminded us of God’s promise to bring to fulfillment to many things that we may never get to directly see.  And yet, we are encouraged by what we do see already.

Theme Introduction

Today’s theme was “Trust When We Need Help.” We focused on the story of Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea from Exodus 13:17–14:31. This powerful story emphasizes that God will always help us, even when we face seemingly insurmountable challenges. It’s a timely reminder for all of us that we can trust in God’s provision and protection, no matter the circumstances.

Crafts and Games:

Throughout the day, the campers participated in crafts and games that reinforced the theme of trusting God. They made their own crafts which served as a tangible reminder of God’s miraculous power. 

The central lesson for today focused on the importance of trusting God when we need help. We shared the story of how Moses, despite the seemingly impossible situation, trusted God to part the Red Sea and deliver the Israelites from danger. This powerful narrative illustrated that God’s help is always available, even when we face our most daunting challenges. Hopefully, as you reflect on your own life situation, this reminder is also an encouragement.

Team Reflections:

At the end of the day, our team gathered to reflect on the experiences. We were amazed by the campers’ enthusiasm and openness. It was clear that God was already working in their hearts, planting seeds of faith and trust. Seeing the campers begin to understand and accept that God is always there to help them was incredibly rewarding. Today after camp we will take an excursion to the coast and to a historic Lutheran Church. Pictures to come!

Call to Action

As our mission team continues this journey, we ask for your continued prayers and support. Here’s how you can stay involved:

Prayer: Set aside time each day to pray for the mission trip. Pray for the team’to stay focused on the task at hand and the relationship building. It is often tempted at this point in the week to start looking ahead to next week, or even home as the early vestiges of Culture Shock start to set in.

Stay Updated: Follow along on our ministry blog for more updates and inspiring stories from the camp. Your comments and encouragement are greatly appreciated and help us feel connected to our church family back home.

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Thanks for making this possible!