Proof of Life: 2-week SEBC

July 6, 2024

Greetings from Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia! The team AND all of our luggage arrived on Friday afternoon…with the exception of Kelli, whose first flight from the U.S. was so delayed that she would have missed her European connection, so she went home, reset, and was able to arrive this afternoon (Saturday) and join the rest of the team! Praise God that we are all here safely and that all of our luggage arrived!

Kelli after being picked up at the airport by translator Martin and his wife Jasna

When we stepped out of the Kosice airport, we were immediately met by our host in Vranov and a charter bus that took us to our lodgings in Vranov where we unpacked, rejoiced in cool showers and clean clothes, and ate dinner before retiring to bed as early as possible.

Today (Saturday) we went on an excursion to Lubovna Castle, which was built in the 13th/14th century. We were able to take a guided tour and wander an outdoor exhibit on traditional village life, and we also enjoyed a very classy picnic provided by our host.

Inside the chapel of the Lubovna Castle

Tomorrow (Sunday) team leader Phil will be sharing a sermon with the Vranov Lutheran Church where we will be worshipping and where the camp will be taking place, in conjunction with the school next door. SON has partnered with members of this congregation and with the school since 2013–this year marks our 10th anniversary of camps held in Vranov! After church, we will enjoy a team lunch at a local restaurant and begin preparing for the week of camp. Team members will be setting up classrooms, meeting their interpreters, and putting the final touches on their English session lesson plans.

Prayer Requests:

  • Praises for our safe arrival, warm welcome by our hosts, and the blessings that come with a longstanding relationship with Christians in another country.
  • Petitions for refreshing sleep for all of our team members and for the hearts of everyone who will be part of the camp– students, the American team, the Slovak interpreters & helpers, and everyone behind the scenes preparing our food, cleaning the facilities, and making this camp run.